Hi-G Dryer

This technology uses the same principles of high frequency/low amplitude vibration (at High G-force) to dewater slurries, allowing for (1) easy solids handling and (2) rapid process water recovery for re-use.

This product guarantees a stackable or conveyorable discharge.

This could be useful in dry areas where large tailing dams can contribute to high evaporation losses.
In this case tailings thickener underflow may be dewatered prior to dumping to tailings facility, whilst
screen underflow (diluted water slurry mixture) can be diverted to thickener feeds to assist with dilution of thickener feeds for optimum settling efficiencies and immediate recovery of additional process water.

Testing and Research:

We’re not specialists in your industry and hereby ask of you to please structure an approach, with respect to achieving your exact needs in an effective manner. We also encourage our customers to draft the test specifications / requirements and to be present to observe the test work.

We have a test unit in South Africa that can be set up on site or at our facility.


We can dispatch 1ton of feed material to Buffalo, New York. Derrick have a full research laboratory and all test work is performed at no charge to our customers, only the cost of getting the sample in Buffalo apply. The advantage of this route is that it will ensure a comprehensive “Process and performance Guarantee” from Derrick Corporation.

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