Derrick Screens


Derrick manufacturing facility is located in Buffalo, New York and has been researching fine screening (1000um to 45μm) since 1951. This qualifies them as the leader in their field, capable to support their technology world-wide with performance guarantees and efficient availability of components.
They own several international patents and each system manufactured reflects quality and world-class workmanship.

AQUATHANE recently intensified our focus on mining operations and with the assistance of a Metallurgical team, we are eager to extract value for our customers by applying this unique technology to improve your specific process efficiency.

Brief description of technology

The technology is based on high frequency/low amplitude vibration at double the G-force compared to
conventional screening technology. This screening action combined with our patented, polyurethane
screening media give us the edge to provide optimum screening efficiencies at ultrafine classification.

• Openings as fine as 45μm
• High open area comparable to woven wire
• Non-blinding
• Long life (8 months is common)
• Kevlar for rigidity & strength
• Taper relieved

Open Area comparison with typical Conventional Urethane Panels:




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