Stack Sizer


• Advantages of Stack Sizer over Cyclones
• Reduced circulating loads (3-4 times)
• Reduction in slimes generation
• Increased production rates (10 – 30%)
• Reduced energy consumption
• Requires less water
• Reduces grinding media consumption
• Increased efficiency down stream
• Increased mineral recovery rates
• Reduced R/ton milling costs

These units have the capability to effectively classify (by size only) as low as 45um, using non-blinding
urethane panels. The effect of density and closely sized mineral product misplacement are eliminated.

Testing and Research:

We’re not specialists in your industry and hereby ask of you to please structure an approach, with respect to achieving your exact needs in an effective manner. We also encourage our customers to draft the test specifications / requirements and to be present to observe the test work.

We have a test unit in South Africa that can be set up on site or at our facility.


We can dispatch 1ton of feed material to Buffalo, New York. Derrick have a full research laboratory and all test work is performed at no charge to our customers, only the cost of getting the sample in Buffalo apply. The advantage of this route is that it will ensure a comprehensive “Process and performance Guarantee” from Derrick Corporation.


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