Like most people your concerns about water quality and preservation have probably increased over the past few years. Daily, there are new reports pertaining to contamination and water borne diseases present in our water sources.

This contamination may be chemical or microbiological in nature, since sources can contain dissolved minerals, bacteria, viruses, hormones, insecticides or particles that are objectionable to the user. AQUATHANE combines the latest technology in a turnkey project to provide potable quality water, safe for human consumption.

We cover the process from analysis via an ISO 14000 laboratory, evaluation of results, customised treatment designs, manufacture and commissioning of approved (WTP) water treatment plant. We also conduct "water optimisation studies" and compile "business plan strategies", in line with governmental requirements and EMP legislation.

AQUATHANE hosts a wide range of filtration products:

Self Cleaning Micro Filter

This unique filtration/separation technology is internationally patented and offer continuous filtration down to 25micron. An automated, self-cleaning mechanism consisting of high pressure cleaning and low pressure sweeping sprays continuously remove accumulated debris from the filter surface, without stopping the process.

It’s small footprint and large volume handling capability makes this an ideal technology to replace conventional SAND FILTERS, SETTLERS and SETTLING PONDS.

The unit won six international awards and is internationally patented. This system is supported by AS Automation, the local distributor for industry in South Africa.

As primary filtration, and in general process water the unit offers near 100% removal of visible settlable, suspended and floatable matter including fats, grease, oils and clay.


The following utilities are necessary to run the system / trial:

  • Compressed Air, 6 CFM at 6 bars - 8mm connection
  • Power 220/380/550 VAC
  • Water for the sprays should be clean, particulate free at 4 bar
  • Feed and filtrate connections
  • Solids removal strategy

Typical applications include:

  • Separation of interfering, low value material from float circuits (i.e. cut-point < 80 micron). Improvement of float efficiency and improved liberation of locked valuables.
  • Filtration of process water streams for re-use in gland service and reagent make-up systems.
  • Filtration of CONCENTRATE thickener overflows to recover ultra-fines and as failsafe against “sliming thickeners”.
  • Also ideal for waste water, effluent treatment or potable water treatment plants.

Containerised Water Treatment

All work is pre-engineered and 3D drawn as part of our quality workmanship programme.

Above: Containerised sand and cartridge filtration

The “AQUATHANE Containerised Filtration System" (“trade name”: AquaFil) is a filtration and disinfection unit for preparing drinking water to communities. The rugged and compact design incorporates the latest filtration technologies and its mechanical assembly ensures rigidity and longevity.  Maintenance requirements have been minimised through the use of easily obtainable components, and it’s easy to operate. Built-in failsafe technologies prevent pumps from running dry and automatic stop/start switches detect high/low pressure conditions, to prevent unwanted damage to the system.
Stage filtration ensure for the removal of TSS (suspended solids), whilst chemical disinfection ensures that all viruses and bacteria are killed and then removed via a membrane filter (at 0.2micron). This system is thus ideal for water sources with a stable chemical consistency, but contaminated with suspended solids and presenting an uncertain microbiological content or presence.
We also containerise more complex purification/treatment systems i.e. ultra-filtration (“trade name”: Aqua_UF) and RO (“trade name”: Aqua_RO) plants, to cater for chemically unstable water - high TDS(mg/l) or removal of specific ionic species. These systems are fully automated and offers a high level of integrity against chemical & microbiological breakthrough.

Above: Containerised UF with Office

Water Purification Systems

Industrial / Food and Beverage / Mining Applications

Pre-designed units ranging from 3000 litres a day to 136 cubic metres per day. Bigger systems are modelled and custom designed per application (several mega litres may be treated per day).

All fully automated and turnkey projects - These systems can be integrated via our skilled associates.

We offer filtration products, which we selectively apply in our projects, to satisfy specific needs.

These products come validated by several bureas of standards (NSF / ANSI / EPDWA) and utilise state-of-the-art techniques, media and equipment to solve complex customer problems.



Above: Custom designed filtration plants

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