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Founded in 2006, AQUATHANE focuses on offering services and products to the mining, agricultural and industrial industries. AQUATHANE has a level 4 BBBEE status. AQUATHANE has a network of strategic associations, which enables us to offer service and product solutions in the areas of;


  • Flocculation and Thickening Control
  • Reagent make-up and Dosing Control (unique Red-Tech controller)
  • Silo Bulk Storage Technology
  • Water Clarification & Thickening
  • Automation/Fabrication/Process Control
  • Supply of Valves / Pipes / Fittings and engineering tools
  • Pipeline: Design and Installations
  • Lomanzi Pump Range

Water management:

  • Water Recovery and re-use projects
  • Reservoirs and AquaTanks (up to 1 Mega litres)
  • Water Conditioning & Pre-Treatment
  • Disinfection Technologies
  • Filtration - Residential/Office - specialised and custom-designed
  • Specialised Filtration - Reverse Osmosis / Nano and Ultra Filtration
  • Self Cleaning Micro Filtration (SCMF) down to 25um
  • Consultation on water optimisation and water savings initiatives

Consultation and projects:

  • Thickener Optimization
  • Water Management
  • Metallurgical Optimization

Chemical products:

  • Flocculent & Coagulants
  • Anti-scalents and Biocides
  • Specialised on-site disinfectant generators
  • Range of speciality chemicals used in mining and industrial applications

Our competitive edge is derived from our associations and partners, many whom are respected multi-national corporations.

Our customers benefit, since they're not faced with the frustration of seeing several representatives each with their own product and limited expertise. We offer a turnkey solution, which offers unique benefits to our elite customer base. You talk to only one specialist who answers all your project requirements.

AQUATHANE hosts a range of specialized products and innovations with synergies and potential to add value to your project or process. To a metallurgist or engineer, they are products that reduce downtime and improve production and ultimately improve financial results.

   Company Information:

   Reg. No. 2006/025170/07
   VAT: 4110231232

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