Thickener Optimization

Econo-Mix Reagent Make-up Systems

Econo-Mix covers a range of compact fully automated systems for make-up of various reagents. Flocculants / Lime / Acids and Flotation reagents.

AQUATHANE offers a focused approach to the flocculation process (Make-up & dosing systems);

The "Econo-Floc" units are used for the preparation, hydration and dosing of powder or liquid flocculants.

A compact, robust design makes these units ideal for process, pulp and paper, water treatment and underground applications.

Download - Econo-Floc Brochure
Download - Econo-Floc Models


Red-Tech Flocculant Dosing Controllers

The "Red-Tech " controller is used for the optimized control of flocculent addition to clarifiers, settlers, thickeners, high rate thickeners and DAF systems. A robust, unique design makes these units highly effective and competitive in metallurgical, pulp and paper, water treatment and underground applications.


  • A flocculated sample is drawn into the settling tube.
  • Sensors detect level of flocculation and settling.
  • The actual settling rate is compared against the required set point.
  • A pump adjustment is calculated / sent to compensate for the detected deviation.
Download - Red Tech Manual


Silo Storage Technology

The " Silo Series " Bulk units are used for the offloading, safe storage and conveying of commodity products such as flocculent, depressant, lime, guar and others. A robust design makes it highly effective and competitive in mining, process, pulp and paper and water treatment applications.


  • Bulk transporters connect via a flexible pipe to filling line.
  • Offloading takes place using a compressor on the truck.
  • A de-duster ensures that all offloading is environmentally safe.
  • Load cell indication gives accurate offload volumes.
  • On request from the plant the correct amount of powder is delivered using a screw feeder and blower combination.
Download - Silo Storage

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