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Water Storage Solutions

Our designs offer extreme strength and cost-effective storage of liquids. We call it a storage solution, due to the important function it may fulfil in today’s situations, where municipal supply is not always a certainty.

A few applications, when a tank is more than a just a tank;

  • Emergency buffer capacity for production purposes,
  • Emergency Fire Water tank,
  • Emergency Irrigation back-up
  • Rain water storage tank

AquaTanks combined with world-class Filtration Systems

We are proud to be a storage provider to the South African and African continent – to date, we have delivered a significant amount of AquaTanks since our entry into this market in 2009 and more and more clients and irrigation specialist choose our AquaTank as a cost-effective solution.  We do offer extremely good value for money and are proud to be a local manufacturer of a product that preserves our number one resource: WATER.  Our AquaTanks are extremely durable and present a high resistance to corrosion, due to the AluZink material used in our manufacturing process.

Steel tanks are widespread throughout the world for potable water storage or for irrigation purposes.  Farmers have also used our galvanised AquaTank option, as this is more cost-effective than the standard AluZink tanks. Both farmers and industry can benefit from rain water harvesting and the re-use of grey water.

  • Manufactured from pre-engineered set of drawings to the highest standards – each component is check before packing and shipping it to site.
  • All AquaTanks are custom-designed from a set of manufacturing drawings to ensure a consistent quality.
  • Engineering designs and certified engineering drawings on request.
  • We can also facilitate geotechnical surveys on the foundation and provide optimum assurance with respect to the final product.

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AQUATHANE can offer comprehensive packaged solutions to recover, treat and re-use these sources, which ultimately boils down to approx. 30% reduction in municipal/potable/borehole water usage.

These AquaTanks are ideal for mining applications, and can be used for process water tanks, clarified water tanks and potable water tanks. AQUATHANE have recently supplied a fire tank as well as a complete containerised “fire pump station” to provide the correct volume and pressure should this unfortunate event present itself.

Since only 3% of the world’s water is considered potable, we’ve decided to extend our product offering to include state-of-the-art Water Treatment Systems, which fits alongside our AquaTanks to treat source water to a SABS approved drinking quality.  We have our own range of Lomanzi Pumps to ensure that we offer an optimised overall price on the turnkey package.

AQUATHANE is proud to announce our AquaTank product range. This range is specifically designed to retain drinking water, raw water or other liquids and offer a complete water storage solution. Our range is capable of storing 20kl to 1000kl in varying diameter and height configurations.

AquaTank is locally (RSA) manufactured and our installation teams ensure for fast, effective erections. We can pack and freight AquaTank components to Africa and/or anywhere in the world for either DIY assembly or we can provide a quotation for one of our teams to assemble on-site. Engineering designs and certified engineering drawings are available on request.

Each reservoir is accompanied by an industry guarantee.

Fire Tanks – Agriculture – Industrial – Commercial – Potable water – Mining

Low maintenance – Cost effective – Durable – Easy to install – Easy to transport – Client specific – High quality panel type – Modular design – Corrosion resistant.


 Concrete Ringbeam

Good preparations and foundations are critical. AQUATHANE will provide a detailed ”Site preparation” procedure in-line with the size and requirements of the specific AquaTank.

 Tank Shell

Good preparations and foundations are critical. AQUATHANE will provide a detailed ”Site preparation” procedure in-line with the size and requirements of the specific AquaTank.

PVC Liner

Controlled welding techniques on supported food-grade quality PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) 550g/m2 to 700g/m2 ensure quality and a 100% retention of your liquid stored.

Dome Roof

The lightweight Dome Roof is manufactured from hollow tubing and is hot-dipped-galvanized. The roof can be sealed off to prevent dust & insects from getting in. Roofs can be fitted with an entrance hatch, as well as internal and external safety ladders for easy access. The Dome Roof is designed to withstand wind speeds up to 180km/h.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is one of the simplest and oldest methods of self-supply of water. It is the accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse on site, rather than allowing it to run off. Rainwater can be harvested or collected from roofs rivers and in many other places, the water collected is redirected to a borehole or pit, a reservoir were it is collected. With proper treatment, the harvested water can also be used domestic drinking water use, indoor heating for houses, longer-term storage, irrigation and other purposes.

Benefits of Harvesting Rainwater

A substitute for municipal water in the following way:

  • Washing truck and floors
  • Flushing toilets
  • Irrigation
  • If purified back into process
  • Can be purified for drinking

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