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About Us

Founded in 2006, AQUATHANE is focused on offering services and products to the mining, agricultural and industrial sectors. AQUATHANE has a network of strategic associations, which enables us to offer service and product solutions in the areas of Processing; Water Management; Consultation and Projects; and Chemical Products.

Service & Product Solutions:


  • Flocculation and Thickening Control
  • Reagent make-up and Dosing Control
  • Flocculant Controller
  • Silo Bulk Storage Technology
  • Water Clarification & Thickening
  • Automation/Fabrication/Process Control
  • Pipeline: Design and Installations

Water Management

  • Water Recovery and re-use projects
  • Reservoirs and AquaTanks (up to 1 Mega litres)
  • Water Conditioning & Pre-treatment
  • Disinfection Technologies
  • Filtration – Residential/Office – specialised and custom-designed
  • Specialised Filtration – Reverse Osmosis / Nano and Ultra Filtration
  • Self cleaning filtration
  • Consultation on water optimisation and water savings initiatives

Consultation & Projects

  • Thickener Optimization
  • Water Management
  • Metallurgical Optimization


Chemical Products

  • Flocculent & Coagulants
  • Anti-scalents and Biocides
  • Specialised on-site disinfectant generators
  • Range of speciality chemicals used in mining and industrial applications


Our competitive edge is derived from our associations and partners, many whom are respected multi-national corporations.

Our customers benefit, since they’re not faced with the frustration of seeing several representatives each with their own product and limited expertise. We offer a turnkey solution, which offers unique benefits to our elite customer base. You talk to only one specialist who answers all your project requirements.


AQUATHANE hosts a range of specialized products and innovations with synergies and potential to add value to your project or process. To a metallurgist or engineer, they are products that reduce downtime and improve production and ultimately improve financial results.

"Water is the Driving Force of All Nature."

Leonardo da Vinci

"When the Well is Dry, We’ll Know the Worth of Water."

Benjamin Franklin

"Water Used to Be Fresh, Pure and Drinkable, Now the Water Has Lots of Feacal Matter and Bacteria."

Claudine Sierra

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