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Alternative Energy Solutions

In association with Bellmall Energy, we project develop alternative energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients (from 20MW to 1000MW).
Benefit in signing with us….

– No CAPITAL investment by client and we make provision for maintenance and OPEX over duration of the contract.
– We handle and pay for the Environmental Impact Assessment EIA and all legal aspects.
– Air emissions are within European standards.
– We design for redundancy, plus provide back-up generation to ENSURE you energy security – at all times (95%+)

What are the advantages?

  • Our unique technology is 5 years ahead of its time and can create electricity from any source of waste, the by product of which is carbon-free, reducing the carbon footprint and creating a cleaner environment.
  • The technology eliminates the need for landfill sites and incineration.
  • We turn waste from an expense to an income.
  • All air emissions are within European Standards.
  • No capital investment by client and we also make provision for 2% OPEX over the duration of the contract.
  • We cover and conclude the environmental impact assessment (EIA).


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