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Thickener Optimisation

We consult on optimising your polymer performance, in line with your process objectives, as well as conducting on-site reagent screening tests to ensure our clients have an optimal product. More importantly, we train your employees to effectively apply and control the applications to ensure stable overflow clarities and consistent underflow densities.

Econo-Mix Reagent Make-up Systems

Econo-Mix covers a range of compact fully automated systems for make-up of various reagents. Flocculants / Lime / Acids and Flotation reagents.

AQUATHANE offers a focused approach to the flocculation process (Make-up & dosing systems);

The “Econo-Floc” units are used for the preparation, hydration and dosing of powder or liquid flocculants.

A compact, robust design makes these units ideal for process, pulp and paper, water treatment and underground applications.

Red-Tech Flocculant Dosing Controllers

The “Red-Tech ” controller is used for the optimized control of flocculent addition to clarifiers, settlers, thickeners, high rate thickeners and DAF systems. A robust, unique design makes these units highly effective and competitive in metallurgical, pulp and paper, water treatment and underground applications.


  • A flocculated sample is drawn into the settling tube.
  • Sensors detect level of flocculation and settling.
  • The actual settling rate is compared against the required set point.
  • A pump adjustment is calculated / sent to compensate for the detected deviation.


Silo Storage Technology

The ” Silo Series ” Bulk units are used for the offloading, safe storage and conveying of commodity products such as flocculent, depressant, lime, guar and others. A robust design makes it highly effective and competitive in mining, process, pulp and paper and water treatment applications.


  • Bulk transporters connect via a flexible pipe to filling line.
  • Offloading takes place using a compressor on the truck.
  • A de-duster ensures that all offloading is environmentally safe.
  • Load cell indication gives accurate offload volumes.
  • On request from the plant the correct amount of powder is delivered using a screw feeder and blower combination.


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