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Underground Water & Solids Handling

Space is generally a constraint when it comes to underground applications, which contradicts the fact that settling technologies requires large surface areas to ensure reduced rise rates and subsequent fines carry-over. Aquathane have developed a unique and proven process capable of handling large volumetric flows, allowing for direct use of treated water at point of use (underground), without having to return water discharge to the surface for treatment. Our unique system remove both settleable as well as floatable contaminants, with a typical water turbidity’s of below 5NTU’s. The clients cleaning frequencies of storage facilities are considerably reduced, whilst solids with low moisture content can be conveyed or skipped to the surface.


We can treat large volumes underground to a clarity of below 5NTU’s, removing both settleable and floatable solids, with a guaranteed dry, low % moisture solids discharge (conveyorable).

Associated advantages:

1) Reduced cleaning frequencies of underground and surface storage areas, with increased available volumetric


2) No more satelite handling/transfer stations.

3) Reduced wear & tear on pipelines and drilling rig equipment. Suspened solids (TSS-free) water immediately available for U/G use.

4) Massive pumping cost savings. No need to return to surface, can use directly nearer to point of use.

5) Due to absence of solids – more effective disinfection possible.

6) Easy fines handling via self-regulating system.

7) Communicate with ASI & other Scada devices.

PERSPECTIVE VIEW – at a Total Suspended Solids (TSS in mg/l) of only 8000mg/litre and flow of only 50m3/hr, this equals 288 ton/month of recirculating solids.

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